Sultan Ahmed III

Many tulips are associated with Holland, but their appearance there was relatively recent. The appearance of a tulip has a rich history: broken hearts, theft and intrigue. In order to find accurate information about when tulips do not have enough information and documents, but the evidence suggests, that you should refer to the 12th century. Perhaps they appeared in the region between southern Europe and northern China. It is known that the tulips – a very unusual flowers that dominate the hearts of men and women. Dutch tulip craze is best known, but these flowers have always been popular in other countries. In the 16th century in Turkey, then the Ottoman Empire, were grown and bred tulips. Suleiman I and his entourage are prized tulips more than all the other flowers.

And during the Turkish domination of the 18th century even began to call "a time of tulips", due to the fact that the tulip became considered a symbol of aristocracy, prestige and wealth. Then were invented fairly strict laws with regards to that landing and sale of flowers, namely the tulips. Under the rule of Sultan Ahmed III was forbidden purchase and selling tulips outside the capital, the Ottoman Empire, as it was a crime punishable by life and exile. While the flower valued higher than human life, and this is also reflected in the retrieved documents. In honor of the colors in the early 18th century, staged the first festival of tulips. He was taken during a full moon night.



April 17th


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