Swaddling: Eingepuckt The Baby Sleeps Better

The causes for insomnia can be found in many babies often shout. (Similarly see: Pop star). The swaddling dates back to an old winding method and is used to limit the course of the movement of infants. Do not overcook the wrapping technique should be applied in infants. Month of life is considered to be rule until about the 5th. Sleep-deprived parents and baby fresh baked parents are often under stress and suffer from notorious lack of sleep. Finally, it takes time until to the new procedures have played with the new inhabitants of the Earth. This combination meets a cry baby”many parents are often desperate and fast with nerves at the end. Often the baby by uncontrolled twitching wakes up and even suffers from lack of sleep.

The Moro reflex babies wake often uncontrolled movements are based on the so-called Moro reflex, also startle reflex called, which disappears after the first months of life due to the progressive development of the nervous system. In pregnancy, each unborn developed this reflex. It is vital, as he controls the first breath and through the opening in the trachea, infants protects the suffocation death. For better sleep, swaddling the swaddling prevents the uncontrolled movements. The infant is easier in the bedroom and can sleep better through the night.

In the blink of an eye, a quiet child may be a cry baby. Accessories required only a baby blanket or a pillow for the swaddling the swaddling. The infant is so tightly wrapped up in the ceiling, so that neither the arms nor the legs can be moved. The baby should be unable again to free kicking themselves. Still, you should make sure that the infant does not cool off. It is therefore advisable to warm sleepwear. So gehts: Correctly putting the ceiling einpucken crosswise on the bed and the baby is placed at the top of the ceiling. The head must remain absolutely free. The arms of the infant lie on the body and the legs are firmly together. The right side is left defeated and trapped under the body. The left side is turned to the right and behind the back. It turns the lower end of the cover backwards. With a little practice you puckt the dwarf in a few minutes. Midwives provide assistance here and show how it works. The nu has a small bundle of human eingepuckt. Obpwohl that baby in this situation some getting looks, helps the child to more sleep this method and is applicable as well during the day. The simple puck help the swaddling cloth is too costly, is certainly fallen on a puck bag like the SwaddleMe. This special baby sleeping bag was specifically developed for the easy swaddling. Hook and loop closures help that everything is properly seated and the baby is eingepuckt quickly and correctly. by Melanie hiking



June 11th


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