Table Dishes Shapes

Current designs, in many cases, have broken all known standards. We find dishes square, oval, very deep, at peak, now the King, remains the round bowl of life, with a small increase in size, aunqueactualmente there is no definition or measurement standard that indicates the ideal measures of a dish. Traditional dishes, usually measuring about twenty-five to twenty-eight centimeters in diameter (plain and the hondo), but today can find it something larger, especially in restaurants. The hondo may be slightly smaller than the plain. In the case of the dessert dishes, they have 5 or 6 cm diameter less than table dishes. They measure about 20 inches in diameter, approximately. This size is smaller since it is conditioned by the quantity to serve. The ration is much smaller than a main dish.

Deep dish: as its name indicates it has a greater depth in order to serve liquids or semi-liquids, pasty or creams. To serve a soup, a puree, etc. the objective is to not spill its contents. Shallow dish or beach: may contain a single food or food accompanied by garrison, is wider and shallower. The most used materials are ceramics, porcelain and pottery – clay fine, varnished, but now they have become fashionable glass materials, elaborated with the glass fusing technique, this glass tableware is very fine, elegant and resistant. The more simple dishes better and always good quality, this premise is essential to assemble your table.



June 11th


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