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Liberal Democratic Party

After the events of October 1993 in the Russian Federation, elections were held in the first State Duma. Because of the situation they were prepared in a hurry, so as soon as possible to create a legitimate legislature rather than dissolved the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. The Duma was elected just two years to prepare the basic legal framework for democratic elections next on the basis of the new Constitution Russia, adopted by popular referendum. To read more click here: Vanessa Marcil. Time constraints on the organizational and political preparation of elections, as well as the communist legacy of the USSR did not allow democratic forces to take their rightful place in State Duma. The most severe at the time the party of the democratic orientation of the 'Democratic Choice of Russia "under the leadership of Yegor Gaidar, was defeated. In the struggle for party lists, it won only about 15.5% of the vote. AND Although this made it possible to create a fraction of the more than 70 people, but so many members could not change the nature of the actions the State Duma-93. At the same time, the Liberal Democratic Party won 22.9% of votes, that is, 12.2 million people voted for it, and the Communist Party, respectively – 12.4%.

Therefore, when preparing for the next election reform forces were trying to find a way to fix such an unfavorable political situation. First of all, it was necessary try to consolidate all the democratic forces in Russia. The idea that we should unite, the Democrats have always matured. However, the actual steps in this direction very often met with resistance. A large number of parties and political associations with the same type of common democratic slogans and programs only divided the electorate.

In April 1995, was updated at that time the business game 'association platform' with members of staff major parties of the democratic and reformist orientation. In this game, was held an important experiment. Of all the party programs have been eliminated the party's name and slogans. After this, all participants were offered determine which party owns the program. More than half of the participants found the program only two parties of different political orientation: the socialist party and beer lovers. The rest of the program could not even identify the members of staffs of these parties. How could ordinary voters to understand the absurdity of this political? Ordinary members of democratic parties understood the need and wanted to consolidate, but their leaders did not willing to forego personal ambition and power, even the threat of a Communist comeback.

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National Theaters

the ANC and the Ministry of Education and Science – to develop and approve educational institutions – from kindergartens to high schools – special programs history of ethnic relations in Kazakhstan, about patriotism. Also, the ANC together with the Ministry of Culture commissioned to create a series of feature films for young people, revealing the themes of tolerance and harmony in Kazakhstan society. Under the auspices of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan to organize a Festival of National Theaters. On television, to be released a series of programs of prominent representatives of various ethnic groups who contributed to the emergence of a new Kazakhstan. " There is an attempt to write history, rather than to describe. In similar style, an attempt to abolish the class basis of the celebration of May 1 and are engaged in Russia, has been renamed several times and it never reached the ground the result of unity of society, which is quite natural, since the class of antagonistic contradictions, from a scientific point of view, basically anyone and never will do it. It would be appropriate to note that celebration of May 1 has even deeper roots, and events in Chicago were simply an attempt to give a similar well-known since prehistoric times, the Jewish holiday of "Easter", the class character, universal standards behavior of people and their morals were formally reflected in the relevant precepts of Talmud (and later the Old and New Testaments, and later even in the moral code of the builder of communism), but never, even during the socialist era in Russia, especially in its final stages, were not fulfilled by the ruling classes.

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