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Romeo And Juliet Were Applauded

By Leopoldo de Quevedo y Monroy Colombiano The romance of sweet Juliet with Romeo decided not end in Verona. There lie the remains of marble. And to be exact, lovers can come to touch her left breast that looks quite worn and the friction. The mastery of Shakespeare put on paper the image of this pair of lovers. She very much a woman, graceful, delicate, white complexion and curly loops, waist yet disorders age, with Juno’s legs and steps of a gazelle. He, handsome young man, his virility is not yet released, with their chin and with chin, dreamy eyes and a heart to explode. The house was hers, with front garden, two floors, three windows and a vine that twined flowers among green leaves.

There were no stairs to visit with knots or loops so that the boy would sneak sneak up to contemplate. This custom is not now and any boyfriend would break your knees and seek the danger, happy to meet with his love. There would import bans on parents or the threat of war between castes and swords of Capulets and Montagues. It happened four years ago in the imagination of Shakespeare and it happened also in the night season’s final concert of the Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Bellas Artes de Cali. Its director Esteban Rojas, turned his face to the public, presented the scene of the events as conceived in the overture-fantasy Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky. They danced in the wind, the clouds, the leaves on the branches and flowers in the gardens. In the city the two factions were plotting their hatred and enlisted their layers of silk and swords. Romeo was about to tiptoe through the darkness and the faint glow of the moon.

Julieta collection in his room hours weaving between love and fear of capsize. Could you get your boy tonight to balarle their tender among the vine? His heart was embarrassed and did rise from his chair to look into the shadows, out there, for her love. The trumpets announcing their presence, message came to him by the strings of sixteen violins, flutes transverse sounded like the wind. On the other hand reached a harsh rumor swirling troops with swords and horns that whistled. The bassoon red raised his voice and did presage the meeting and confrontation of families in fray. The excitement reached a climax when pounding the drum and cymbals. Romeo was coming to the mansion in a roundabout way, for love is not impossible at the time of supreme danger and difficulties. Juliet can not resist anymore and goes forward to meet challenging life and family. Take a spirituous liquor hidden in his bosom that deliver their fears and eventually join in the eternal bitter kiss with Romeo. The orchestra seems to accompany their strings, winds and raucous percussion lovers in their cruel way. In the end the bitterness has taken effect in the two lovers and silent instruments gently to avoid waking from sleep. Moved the public at the Beethoven Hall clapped three times the artists who gave life to these scenes of love.

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April 10th


Complutense University

Code Da Vinci. Novel, a film that has not yet been released. Birth of an example that has happened at the Complutense University, where I teach. Occurs to me from a couple of years ago that here, with a certain frequency when I’m in class, I explain the historical origins of Christianity, always there are some hands of pupils, who rise up to make me a series of claims against what I’m teaching, and when you have made assertions, I usually ask in which document you’ve based to make these statements? And tell me in the Da Vinci Code. And I say, do if?, now is a novel historical source?, a novel of fiction?, do but you know a little of the historical method?, does have notion in how works the scientific intellectual level?, seems that not. It seems today that the Da Vinci Code, is a historic source of all an aserie’s assertions.

Let things clear. The Da Vinci Code, is a fiction novel. Someone will tell me, if but historical things go Opus Dei that exists, and out comes the headquarters in New York of Opus Dei that exists. Yes, Yes, and leaves the Vatican which also exists. But this does not mean that what is narrated there is historical. As any work of fiction, a some semblance of actual data has to be to have a little suspense or credibility to the reader. Does not have any historical verisimilitude, everything he says there is pure invention of its author, having read some booklets, some of which I read, that was a few authors English, because it is not clever to invent this, is simply a transmitter a popularizer. And as a literary work it is very bad, but it’s funny, because it’s like a film. I is not difficult to understand that beyond had this enormous diffusion.

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