Tasty Gifts From Germany

Nature insane beauty, small, cozy home Landscapes, reminiscent peace and quiet, gradually replaced by western urbanism, a little aggressive, a little lonely. She's so different – Germany. Choose to travel in Germany, for a moment you will not regret it. Beauty, in conjunction with the German pragmatism certainly do not leave you indifferent. Of course, the Germans were a different nation, and, initially, their ratio gives the coldness and arrogance, but I can tell you assure that it is only a first impression! Germany is similar to its residents: apparently not very friendly, after a certain time, be sure to let you into their secrets, which she has plenty. Boast Germany really have something. Take at least a world-famous German beer. A variety of species and cultivars can confound the most discerning palate: pilsner, altbir, bokbir, tsvikelbir, rauhbir and festive festbir.

It is easy to get confused, especially if you do not speak German, right? Therefore, everything in order. Pilsner – bottom-fermented beer. It is – a bitter and contains from 4 to 4.8% alcohol. Sell it in Germany, but especially – in its northern part. For the first time that beer was brewed in Bohemia in Pilsen. Altbir – got its name from the Latin word altus (at the top"): made by fermenting yeast remains at the top. In other words, "top-fermenting beer." It has the flavor hops. As well as Pilsner, Alt contains about 4.8% alcohol. His birthplace – Dusseldorf, the lower reaches of the Rhine.



July 3rd