Teddy Bautista

The idea is to get to know them a little and empathize with them, so that when fall you a little sorry, but at the end when you see them dropping the sonrisilla escapes you. Who would fall for the trap door? People like Teddy Bautista, so does not appear more. They already have anecdotes? For example of a contestant that being Real Madrid to death and having an Argentine woman did not say that it was Alfredo Di Stefano who called him the saeta blonde. Will leave a paste in awards, does not pays more to be contestant that presenter? Well, is that I earn in each issue and the contestant there are occasions in which can lose everything. I prefer to go to the safe. Comedian, actor, presenter goes you for everything. For a broken and tearing.

The truth is that I already have versatile human condition and I like to exploit it. I do not wonder only go in one direction, but to change. Does your family wouldn’t be prrido that would be medical? I guess Yes, but luckily the projects that I will be playing are very decent, with a tone of humor, so are delighted. Some hidden skill? I make beautiful centerpieces with onion. Yes, decorum with onions. I live in a delusion, because the people cry when she sees them and I think that it is emotion. It looks that you like hesitation, has gotten into some mess why? There is a moment in which stop. I’ve always had a point of measurement that has allowed me to see when to fold ’em.

Normally I have the smile of the person with whom I kidding. People often expect that comedians are funny at all hours is a pain in the ass (laughs). In fact there are times you walk into an elevator and you say what heat does today, and people say how funny, I labor with you!. How have you seen the changes of counter-programming Telecinco? It is part of the strategy of a company that wants to have the best results and using all means at its disposal. If one of the resources is to put a powerful content against your release, then use it. Could it be that they are afraid? Hopefully. That is that they think that your program is going to be okay. Anyway the premieres are unknown, you have to have patience and not going crazy. There is a bit of anxiety on television, is not breathing things. We are living a search results fast, ephemeral. Source of the news: Arturo Valls: “Would fall through the trapdoor to Teddy Bautista”



January 23rd


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