The Firewood

And on issues such as cutting class or or other safety features must not be discussed, because of the cut in the footwear for the work in forestry and forest is associated according to the EC Directive 89/686/EEC of category II and must be marked since 1 July 1995 CE. The cut is assessed in accordance with the European standard DIN EN ISO 17249. After much cutting protection classes exist: protection class 1 (equivalent to 20 m/s warp speed) protection class 2 (equivalent to 24 m/s warp speed) protection class 3 (equivalent to 28 m/s warp speed) protection class 4 (equivalent to 32 m/s warp speed) even before the lumberjacks equipment makes the progress not halt. Related Group might disagree with that approach. For example many steel caps on cutting protective boots are now made of plastic or aluminium. These are also resilient and increase the wearing qualities of so equipped cut safety boots.

The probably best cut protection boots are rubber boots of the company Kox. This cut boots made of rubber are adequate for occasional users, which are not large in the Woods and just make the boots to the firewood use in wet weather. For forest workers who every day are in the forest, we recommend more Cut protection boots draw mountain or Haix. No matter how high your cut safety boots are: in regular use to the forest service forestry or cut safety boots should on resin deposits are examined and cleaned if necessary. The cut boots will thank the forest workers with a longer shelf life. And you should also bear in mind that it is protective clothing for professional use in forest and forestry here around. Here a professional and clean handling of the protective clothing is and similar devices in the forest itself, as an investment in its own security when working with chain saws.



November 15th


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