The Tourism

What it only tends to become the Tourism the activity that more grows in the tertiary sector in Brazil (it puts into motion about 3,5 trillions of dollar, 2001 data). It is the way I bid on that it puts into motion more money, ' ' abafado' ' but for the drug trafficking and warlike industry (half illicit). Further details can be found at star actress, an internet resource. Such branch is of vital importance for the professionalism of the tourist and necessary sector for the economy of Brazil, country this with respectable tourist potential. (DUTRA, 2003). These citations and the carried through study, only prove what many students in tourism know and what some tourists distrust, Brazil is yes an excellent tourist destination, even so as all the other places have its restrictions. But what really it is necessary to frissar, it is the importance that the tourism has before the society, generates income, jobs and creation of infrastructure that not only benefits the tourist, as the population of the city. 2,2 Events ' ' Event is a concentration or formal and solemn meeting of people and/or entities carried through in date and special place, with the objective to celebrate events important and significant and to establish contacts of commercial, cultural, esportiva, social, familiar, religious, scientific nature etc' ' (ZANELLA, 2006, p.13).

' ' It is a set of tactics and strategies that are developed with the progress purpose, well-being, of the satisfaction and pleasant occupation. It makes possible the verification the commercial ballasts and cultural scientific, etc. and its objectives vary cm in agreement the intention and with the planning. Handspike the economy and happens in eventual character. It runs away from the routine and it contemplates religious, playful, folclricos, commercial interests, cultural politicians and, taking care of yearnings of I interchange, d massificao, of demonstration or exposition and spreading, among others ' '. (RISPOLI, 2007, p.21). Research in accordance with carried through and some citations above, were understood that events are movements made with intention to call the attention for definitive manifestations, are they of cultural, scientific, social character, politician, among others.



May 7th