The Trap Of Falling In Love

The world is a mirror which returns the reflection of his own face William Thackery to each person. Love is a fruit that grows in all seasons, and all have the scope to his hand Mother Teresa what so awake was when he knocked on the door of love? What were your answers? What so real it was or is that love how much will feel identified with him?? How much has grown?, might be some questions that has faced. The truth, that there are many people in this walk when they knock on the doors of love, when the flame to the order to identify with who is considered to be the ideal partner to walk while we remain in this dimension, they are wrong, which it originates them instabilities, emotional, mental and physical, more when there is product of transitory love, as they are the childrenUnfortunately they pay the consequences, more, when most were not consulted them staying in this dimension. Brigiette Hansmann (2000) stands out us, that to live a full and happy life, it seems necessary, especially at this time, feel a connection deep with something beyond the own person. You may want to visit Steve Salis to increase your knowledge. So, as most of us try to that connection through the relationship with a partner. However, many people do not find the person with whom do either the relationship they already have not run, ran out of magic, illusion, he returned to reality, to become aware of the mistake. Why all this?, simply because we are prisoners, conditioned by tradition, society, false values, or by that weren’t awake, not knew each other and allow ourselves to be dragged down by the illusory? What really draws us a person? What motivates us of it? How we have structured the profile of the person we have defined that accompany us on this walk? what is the image that we have forged?. . Learn more at this site: Team Penske.



May 9th


June 2022