The Useless Subscriptions And The Obligation To Pay

Not silently stand there, do something! It is wrong not to respond. Vanessa Marcil may help you with your research. It helps the con men who know they are not, the so-called subscription traps in the Internet? Even if it has still not even unliebsam made acquaintance with useless subscription providers, so passes not a day on the Internet, consumer watchdogs self-proclaimed where man does not have the well-intentioned advice stumbles. The fact is that this advice confuse more than help. There are consumer advocates, himself with the operators of such useless pages and subscriptions have worked and were paid handsomely for it. There are consumer advocates, who fell and now share their “experience” even on such pages as a failed existence. Of course, there are also serious consumer protection organisations, which can be certainly valuable advice, but never judge the case.

All together is that they advise it: do not respond, do not pay and don’t get excited. As long as but the average Joe on the Internet does not respond, the subscription site operators carry on cheerfully. If only 20 pay of 100 dunned to users on the Internet, then all the effort for the referred operators has paid off already. And that’s exactly what want the useless providers of this subscription pages. You operate in silence and collect in silence. However every average Joe on the Internet must be active. If the providers of such useless subscription sites shy away from the judicial public, how the devil the holy water, so you must drag it just right there.

Only when there are a number of decisions of German courts that deny a payment obligation from average Joe, the haunted will put an end. Every lawyer knows how he has to react to the defense of unjustified claims. Every lawyer knows how he has to react on an order with an obviously unjustified demand. The lawyer who knows the torture instruments of the CCP, is certainly not idly to see how the operators of useless subscription pages quietly continue. You have the lawyer only from the Let chain in which it granted the mandate. Lawyer of Andreas Neuber Lenssenstrasse 10 47798 Krefeld



June 14th


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