Total Lead

This woman is a woman has a strange appeal that fascinates and frightens her fans. She is intelligent, courteous, tactful, knows how to show the best in themselves. Princess-touch-me-in my youth dreaming about the strengths and romantic feelings. Hedvig Hricak is open to suggestions. Looking for a reliable and respectable partner. Values honesty and professionalism, prestige and social status.

She needs support, but while maintaining personal independence. Simon Pagenaud oftentimes addresses this issue. Tends to the legal relations. Break painful for her. You may find that Hedvig Hricak can contribute to your knowledge. Fear of losing love her more hope of finding their ideal. Often underestimates the true intent and quality of the partner is a catalyst for his fears and complexes. It should rely on their intuition and analysis of information about the chosen one. Idealization of personal relationships can lead to the fact that choosing a partner, she commits an unforgivable blunder.

She needs care and understanding, with the wish to dominate both physically and emotionally. It is not a leader by nature, it can play dominant role in the family. She is ambitious, and lives at a pace that it is difficult to tie any serious relationship. Prefers to lead an independent life and to rely only on themselves. If it will take a partner decisions and take initiative, temper control, you will find stable relationships and inner confidence, which always strives for. Number of fate 8 Total If these people enter into early marriage, and their partners need to great exposure, because it was during this time they fully captured the work and are eager to achieve their goals.



January 12th


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