Two Recipes For Low-fat Waffles

Low in calories and delicious especially the jeans tweaks crispy wafer, after the holidays, now it is time to pay attention a little bit on the figure. Low-calorie waffles are very well suitable for the Sunday coffee table. Also if you want to pay attention to your figure, with these recipes you need pleasure not to do without. They are served with fruit and vanilla sauce. Recipe 1: Low-calorie waffles with hot cherries and vanilla sauce ingredients for four people: 300 g of flour two eggs pinch of salt a teaspoon baking powder 50 g sugar or alternatively some sweetener of 500 ml low-fat milk a glass cherries a teaspoon cornstarch a pack of powder for vanilla sauce 500 ml low-fat milk sweetener to taste give the flour with the egg yolks, salt, baking powder and sugar in a bowl and mix everything together with the milk to make a liquid dough.

The protein hit stiff and stir it. Now you bake low fat the waffles in a coated waffle iron. If you have a well coated waffle iron, don’t even need oil. (Read test also this waffle iron) While you bake the waffles, you can prepare the cherries. Put through a sieve, and absorb the juice. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. The cherries are in a pan heated, touched and also add given the juice with the cornstarch.

Let the whole Cook on once so that the starch binds the cherries. Sweet taste with sweetener or sugar. You can prepare the vanilla sauce also low fat. To, the sauce powder is mixed according to package directions in low-fat milk. The sugar you omit and with sweetener or stevia sweet instead. Recipe 2: low-calorie buttermilk waffles waffles with butter milk are popular especially in the United States. They are pretty loose and are low in fat. Ingredients for two people: 150 g flour is a level TSP baking soda 20 g sugar a pinch of salt two eggs 50 ml buttermilk two teaspoons of rum to taste mixing you first separated the dry ingredients. Stir the then liquid ingredients (butter milk and eggs) in the dry ingredients. To taste you can add some rum. Bake the batter in a waffle iron. The American waffles with butter milk go up strong, it is very well suited especially a Brussels waffle iron. The waffles are served either pure sprinkled with powdered sugar or with fresh fruit and chocolate sauce. Here’s a tip: If you should have left some baked waffles, you can easily freeze them or pick up several days in a polythene bags. Before eating, the waffles are baked briefly in the toaster. They will crisp again. Of course, you can prepare all recipes with whole wheat flour such as spelt. Because waffles are bound by the egg, gluten-free cereals such as millet flour are suitable or buckwheat flour bake to the waffles. Eva Otter



June 15th


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