Virtues of People

All the virtues whose velvet layer finished in cotton fringe, a time pulled by the fringe, lay down the layer urtigas and came to sign up themselves in the new church whose doctrine spread all for the globe. The Devil alou triumph shouts. However, long years later, the Devil perceived that many of its fidiciary offices, secretely, practised the old virtues integrally despite they were not all and nor. The discovery frightened the Devil. Was put to know it the evil more directly, and saw that it cultivated very. The manuscript benedictine cites many other extraordinary discoveries, between them this, that desorientou the Devil completely. One instant was not lingered. The amazement did not give time to it to reflect, to compare and to conclude of the present spectacle some analogous thing to the past.

It flied of new to the sky, raging, anxious knowing the cause private of so singular phenomenon. God heard it with infinite complacncia; he did not interrupt it, he did not reprehend it, he did not win, at least, of that satanic agony. He put the eyes in it, and said to it: What want you, my poor Devil? The cotton layers have silk fringes now, as of velvet they had had cotton fringes. What want you? It is the perpetual contradiction human being. Amongst the main personages we can detach: God, representing of Espirito Santo, and Devil, representing of the Denying Spirit. The personage God, Espirito Santo, that possesss the human physical characters, reveals sensible, compassionate, loving, the personificao of the Good, ahead withholds firmness and certain impatience of the action of the Devil (' '? Subtle rhetorician and! you exclamou. He goes, he goes, he establishes your church; he calls all the virtues, he collects all the fringes, he convokes all the men But, he goes! he goes! ' ') great conformismo front to the contradiction of the human beings, exactly for knowing that the Man has the right to choose to make a mistake, to remain in the error and/or to repent themselves.



October 20th