Which Car Drives Select: Cast Or Forged ?

In order to choose the right wheels for your car, you need to with full responsibility and understanding approach to this rather than a cause, and because it has its own nuances. For any car, better to choose rims on the basis of technical specifications and guidelines depending on the brand of car. It's also worth a closer look at the recommendations of the manufacturer who places a special 'box' in the car, which indicates the recommended tire sizes and motor drives, in addition there is information about the pressure in the wheels for a variety of loads for your car. Differences cast and forged wheels. Alloy wheels are generally lighter than their competitors by 20-30%, which directly reduces the weight of the vehicle, which in turn leads to improved acceleration dynamics, smooth stroke machine and lower fuel consumption cars. Complementing the above pro alloy wheels, made of aluminum alloys, is much better to respond to environmental influences, and has a high resistance to its changes (achieved by a resistance due to the presence of surface oxide film). The main drawback of cast wheels is that it is impossible to recover after deformation for which it is not large wheels, usually cost more out of buying a new drive.

Alloy wheels certainly easier forged, but if approached in terms of maintaining the suspension, they also do not provide adequate stability. Forged wheels are different from the cast, making their way: hot forging followed by heat and / or machining. But on this score they are superior to alloy wheels and all would be fine if not for their high cost. The advantages of are as follows: – have a high stiffness and strength, so when you hit forged disc does not burst, but hesitates – possess high corrosion resistance and do not need additional coverage. – Fairly easy (in 1.2-2 times lighter than steel counterparts). The future is definitely in favor of forged wheels. Even in the near future can be predicted increase in demand, so now our domestic manufacturers have already set about their production and produce quite acceptable (from the relation price / quality) products.



January 3rd


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