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Browsing with a free check list the strengths and weaknesses of your Web presence. Many Web sites have high visitor numbers, but generate little or no sales contacts. You are useless instruments from the point of view of online marketing. With the right policies, you can increase the conversion rate, i.e. the ratio of visitors to contact requests, quickly and permanently. The marketing consultancy WMC has developed online marketing tips for higher conversion rates. Conversion: what is it? The conversion of a target in a prospective is known as conversion”in marketing. To convert the visitors to a website in a prospective, the visitors of an online store into a buyer or customer in Web marketing.

The term is also used for the measurable objectives of marketing activities. Classic actions, this is the response rate of mailing campaigns, Web marketing such as the number of new newsletter subscribers. The conversion rate is measured in Web marketing in percent of the visitors were converted. Projects of 1,000 Visitors in a month for example 10 visitors subscribed to the newsletter, the conversion rate is 1%. Values between 1% and 5% are the rule. “Conversions run in processes and phases: information search in the Internet preview and review the search results selection of search results and page view orientation on the Web page search for benefit and added value trust and credibility the details action and reaction in the WMC whitepaper online marketing tips for higher conversion rates are” extensively explained. Increase conversion rate: How does it work? Information seeker visitors or visitors to a Web page in prospects to convert and this measure, certain conditions must be met: conversion killer analyse and if necessary eliminate (Checklist) conversion elements check and optimize if necessary (check list) search engine compatibility review and if necessary refine popularity check (Checklist) and optimize if necessary (check list) check functionality and optimize if necessary (Checklist) “Defining conversion goals action plan and implement promotions present conversion success, online marketing tips for higher conversion rates measure the WMC-white paper” provides you with all the details and a checklist. You can request it here for free email:…



June 12th