World Health Organization

As public schools lack of laboratories, elementary to make complex analytical, have to resort to private schools to make complex analytical the manoeuvre is completed with evident overcrowding, long waiting lists for surgical interventions, and also for consultations of specialists and diagnostic tests. But nothing is innocent, not free, because it searches the disrepute of the public health, first step to get citizen to support its privatization. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. But it is not only a problem of the region of Madrid. Privatize public hospitals, delivering them to private management, but financed with public money, has already tested in United Kingdom. Disastrously. The British have managed to make four or five times the construction and commissioning of new hospitals. Such alleged formula mixed management privada-dinero audience has increased bureaucracy and has caused major deficiencies in care to patients, more an more expensive costs. Denounced it the World Health Organization, who must know what speaking and have something to say on the matter.

Those who lose with the privatization of public health, if unfortunately it thrives, will be citizens, because health care will worsen dramatically. It is simple, a simple arithmetic question. Privatized models have much higher costs, because health care costs, already high in itself, must be added the benefits of those who want to take slice, which are behind the entire privatisation strategy of health care. In the U.S., for example, 47 million people have no right to any health care, but it is the country of the world with greater health spending. If it is not remedied, the citizens will be forced to pay to be attended, and the poorest and sick will be excluded from the health systems. Not by whim of fate but by a strategy underway, neo-liberal course, to get that health ceases to be a right of all citizens (as point out articles 22 and 25 of the Universal Declaration of human rights) and become business very profitable a few. The rest to charity. Go back to the 19th century, to barbarism. Xavier Cano writer and journalist original author and source of the article.



November 28th