Adobe Flash

SwishMAX – an alternative to the creation of Flash websites? Many companies are in the context of the design of Web pages for programs such as Flash to create interactive and multimedia Web pages. Adobe has long been Flash of lone leader in the context of the design of websites of this kind. To broaden your perception, visit Sela Ward. However, with the increasing number of Flash sites increased the number of programmers, after other innovative solutions, sought to create a similar if not better alternative to Flash. Swish hissing, whirring one of these competitors should be. In the initial hours of programming the software Swish was certainly still miles away from the current state of development and was barely good for animating text and simply structured Web sites. Compared to Flash, Swish but had a decisive advantage: the operation was easy.

Swish just hobbyists put on at this time and was not really good to create elaborate Flash pages with interactive content. New features and capabilities were created with each new version of Swish, whereby the Ease of use was always clearly in the foreground. Currently in the version SwishMAX 2 almost everything is possible in Swish, which can be programmed and implemented in Flash. The most significant advantage of the Swish has over Flash is the price. With just over 100 euros for such a program, the substantially expensive Flash can score Swish over clearly. Who do not want to program in dealing with Swish and would rather rely on pre-made designs, can access to the so-called SWISH templates. So is the creation of an elaborate interactive Flash Web page with very little effort and cost. Marc Burdorf



November 4th