Aprilla Valentino

Motorcycles every day become elements present in society, either as a means of transport, luxuries, in sports activities of different kinds, as means of distraction, entertainment, end in many fields you can see motorbikes, since their applicability and their characteristics make them of great importance in today’s world. One of the applications more enjoyable that they have bikes, are carrying out sports and activities where he can put in gala features of motorcycles; so one of the best ways are speed competitions, where you can see all the aesthetic beauty of motorcycles, accompanied by the great speeds that can be developed. It is very true that the bikes are very welcome, but we cannot forget to those who make it possible to see all the capabilities of the bikes, because without the pilots would be impossible to meet Fund capabilities that have motorcycles. Educate yourself with thoughts from Charlotte Hornets. Therefore in the present article are talking about one of the best drivers in racing that there are in the world, which is the international Valentino Rossi, who with his ability to handle the bikes have been known worldwide in the world of the high speed of motorcycles. For more in-depth to Valentino Rossi, it is of great importance to mention its origin, so this motorcycle rider is from Tavullia (Italy), was born on February 16, in 1979, as an interesting family fact, one can say that his father was also a motorcycle racer, who would win the Grand Prize of the Netherlands in the year of the birth of Valentino Rossi, possibly the father of Valentino Rossi was a model to follow and from there his taste for motorcycles, but with the advantage that Valentino Rossi exceeded it to the point of becoming one of the pilots more important in the history of motorcycling competencies. Valentino Rossi in his career as a broker of the big global powers of motorcycling has won 7 world titles in different modalities of the world motorcycling Championship. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jorge Perez. The debut of Valentino Rossi, was given in 1996 in which highlight to win their first race this year and the following year he would champion in the 125 cc with the Aprilla motorcycle category.

After the triumph in this category would happen to 250cc, with the same bike mode and for the year of 1999 would be champion in this category. For the year 2000 would reach 500 cc category this time piloting the honda NSR500 bike, with which would be champion in the year of 2001. for the year 2002 is step to motorbikes 4 times in the GP category, which gave the possibility of Valentino Rossi passed to the HRC Repsol Honda team, and won 2 years in a row the world. In the year 2004 Valentino Rossi signed with team Honda: Yamaha, which came back to win 2 consecutive times the largest category of motorcycle world title.



October 31st


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