Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

Prolonged format war Blu-ray and HD-DVD is finished. Won by Blu-ray and it became clear after the famous Hollywood studios refused to release movies on discs HD-DVD. A little later, the Toshiba is actually gone from supporting his brainchild – the standard HD-DVD. Promotion of Blu-ray on the market in recent years greatly accelerated, despite the fact that it requires a significant modification of equipment Blu-ray disc is increased to 25 gigabytes of information capacity and is designed for use in high-resolution video or High-Definition Video (HDTV). Modification is mainly touched upon the laser used to read and write information. To increase the information of the disc Blu-ray, the wavelength of the laser was significantly reduced by shifting to blue-violet region of the optical spectrum. Incidentally, the name is derived from the standard English word blue. Due to the distortions of the laser beam had significantly reduce the thickness of the polymer protective layer disc with 0,6 to 0,1 mm.

In addition, to increase resistance to shocks, was found a new cover – Durabis. Distribution of Blu-ray in Russia faces a number of challenges, chief among which is the high cost of equipment. The influx of discs from other countries is challenged by the complicated, compared to the dvd, a regional defense. Good luck!



September 30th