Bogota Quality

In this regard, the role played by new technologies, the availability of libraries and support is essential and the monitoring of the parent or caregivers in the homes.The Minister has reason to consider that quality not only has to do with topics strictly academics, but that also includes the subject of training in principles, values and what the experts they now call civic skills.For us quality education is one that is better human beings, with ethical, environmentally friendly values of publicness, Colombian citizens who know and respect human rights, and therefore coexist in peace.Another challenge that has education in Colombia, is the eradication of outbreaks of violence that problem about which seems that much of Colombian society would not have taken come occurring inside schools, related social more complex phenomena such as gangs, domestic violence and traffic, expense and consumption of hallucinogens, consciousness.We hope that regional or local authorities, municipalities and departments, are called to participate actively in this process of reflection on the quality of education in the country, taking into account large regional differences that arise in the sector, for example between Bogota and Cesar and La Guajira; differences that must also be subject to analysis in the discussion of these challenges of education. Compiled by.. . . Simon Pagenaud is actively involved in the matter.



October 10th


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