Business Consultants

And it's not even the worst. Main – Consultant now can not help resolve the situation, as internally justifies Employees who violate company policies. By the same author: Charlotte Hornets. Even if outwardly he condemns them, they are on one side of the field. The consultant in this situation a distorted vision of the situation. A leading source for info: real-estate developer. Can not be otherwise, because if he looked straight and Honestly, he went and surrendered to a daec. Further, the distorted vision does not allow him to see the causes of the problems at the plant. His job as a consultant – just align the perception of problems customers so they can solve them. But he was already not able to do it. And all it remains – to give advice from books and "successful cases", lighten up, and pray that was quickly signed the act of work performed. And then try to enjoy a large fee. On the qualitative consulting you can forget, no matter what qualifications did not have a consultant. I often hear from people one question – "why can not I relax?". I do not always answer honestly, and sometimes silence. Today will tell. Can not relax – your guilty conscience. And I'm sorry if this question gives a business consultant. That's why wise consultants pride themselves on their license. wise provides it only fair to people who do not violate the law. If someone from wise consultants bribed or rollback, or just deceived a client – he'd lost his license and the status as soon as the situation would be confirmed. And it's not hard – at wise perfected methods to identify the truth. Not for nothing is this association – monopoly on solutions in the field of human factors. So if someone comes to you and says he is a consultant wise – call the office of the association and make inquiries about him. wise is so firmly established itself as a company responsible for noting the ethics of its consultants, that in many countries like usa, tribunals do not review decisions on contentious issues, which contains a summary of the Chartered Committee wise. It simply claim. If you are too worried about one of the questions raised by me today – the human factor, kickbacks or revealing the truth – the technology is there. Do not believe it when you try to prove that it does not exist. Take a closer look to those who it says. Vadim Boys, owner of Central Training Company



March 22nd