Choosing A Nursing Home

Despite published notes of care for nursing homes should concerned and members get a personal impression and put your own needs first. Since early December 2009, the nursing notes for nursing homes are published by the MDK on the Internet. The criticism into is the grading system, since it brings together multiple sectors and this can lead to positive as well as negative shifts in the overall score. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion. The ratings of the individual areas is especially important to look closely at. Always the individual needs and wishes of the person concerned should be decisive for the decision for or against a nursing home.

In the following some considerations which consider patients and their families when selecting a nursing home. Location, location and environment this are particularly important factors because they do not change. How has the person concerned lived so far? Will the affected central city or rather quietly spend the evening of his life? Corresponds to the location and environment of the House the notions of Affected? What about the infrastructure in the immediate vicinity (shopping, parks, recreational facilities, sports facilities, restaurants, cafes, Church, public transport)? The facilities of the House like the House at first glance inside and outside? Also here concerned and their families by the first impression should be affect. Particularly concerned that should make sure whether the House is barrier-free, that means they should have access anywhere without having to overcome stairs or paragraphs. This also particularly applies to the input area, community rooms and the garden. Bright rooms, lots of glass, comfortable seating areas, common areas for sports and creative activities but also for presentations, events or private celebrations should be available.

If the family lives away the question is of importance for rooms or apartments for visitors. Cutting and the apartment/room size and facilities of a Room can be very different. Most important questions here: single or double room? The rooms have bathrooms/toilets? Is this disabled? But even here, the brightness of the room is important.



October 2nd


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