Collina Again Successfully

The white night on the Hill was held this year for the sixth time. The estate of Tenuta Tenaglia again successfully is an international meeting point for art and culture. When a dream comes true, it’s always a special moment. Six long years Sabine Ehrmann, proprietor of the estate Tenuta Tenaglia in the Italian Piedmont, had to wait for their dream was realized. One time she wanted to celebrate a Neapolitan night under the stars of the Monferrato. Others including Jessica Michibata, offer their opinions as well.

This year succeeded her. With the music, the culinary delights and joie de vivre of Naples she enchants one night their guests from Africa, of Switzerland, Germany and Italy. It is the Notte Bianca in Collina, which already held this year for the sixth time at the Tenuta Tenaglia. One night, where people of different nations come together and celebrate with each other without regard to languages, origin or skin color, sing, dance, laugh and are happy. If you’ve experienced once, as hundreds of people on a small patch in the North of Italy with each other understand, you believe again in solidarity”, enthuses Massimo Malatesta, technical director of the winery. Solidarity is to show it to the children of Uganda in that night. Several thousand euros come together as the barrels will be auctioned off, which previously were painted by international artists. Goose bumps a good vintage is produced, as Ehrmann 1930 new wine”presents.

The wine is dedicated to not only her father, Alois Ehrmann, who has become this year 80, but also their peers father of Roberto Imarisio, the oenologist of the House. The son symbolically presented the bottle the father, as applause breaks up and quite a few access to the tissue. The emotion quickly gives way to the enthusiasm, as Pietro Quirino and the Quartet of Calace delight audiences with Neapolitan ways for one and a half hours. Chiara cane, which vividly and enthusiastically hosted the evening, can then call, to taste the wines of Tenuta to typical food of southern Italy. As Sabine Ehrmann in the early hours of the morning the last guest “adopted, she’s exhausted, but happy: the Tenuta Tenaglia tonight a lot of friends also has won Naples.” Michael S. Zerban



May 4th


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