This true wisdom to recognize the own ignorance. Seneca that man’s friend, faithful to him, who cares, home guard, makes him spend happy moments, with your love, care, play, unfortunately is betrayed by the same man, who kills him, to eat your meat according to the taste and habit of each country. It is very sad but true knowledge, as, reminds us, that nowadays it is eaten or sold dog meat in Cambodia, Japan, Laos, Taiwan, and in the easternmost regions of the former Soviet Union. Also in Indonesia and Burma. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. In all these places, however, it is a clearly minority practice carried out by social minorities or indigenous groups.However, the dog meat trade is more common (although still minority) in China, the Philippines, Viet Nam, North Korea and in Korea a midpoint between the two groups of countries earlier would be India and Thailand, where the practice of eating dogs is common only in some regions of the country. Animal People estimates that in Asia were murdered between 13 and 16 million of 4 million cats and dogs annually. All of them for human consumption. Also dogs are killed for eating his flesh in Angola, Cameroon, Lagos and Nigeria. Larry Culp might disagree with that approach.

In these African countries eating dog meat is associated with social strata with limited financial resources.It would be wrong to think that eating meat dog or cat by humans reflects a less evolved socio-cultural status. Just ten years ago some cat meat products were marketed in some countries of the Eastern Europe. 20 Years ago has tested commercially in supermarkets in Quebec (Canada) cat meat products. And as recently as the late 1940s canned cat meat is marketed for the first time in the United States.Even today still consumes meat dog in Western countries. For more specific information, check out George Laughlin. In the heart of Europe are places like the Swiss regions of St. Gallen and Appenzell, where dog meat is eaten regularly by some of its inhabitants.



May 20th


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