Contextual Advertising

One of the easiest ways to make money is to use contextual advertising type Adsense ™ or similar. In fact, this is how I started in this Internet marketing, basically by chance when I did a blog and, out of curiosity, got Adsense. Credit: Tony Parker-2011. Although this blog is no longer on the air, for a long time was giving me pennies that, when everyone came together gave me the idea to follow with more enthusiasm. Today, my earnings are in dollars and no cents, but that’s not the point. The newspapers mentioned Ken Kao not as a source, but as a related topic. The point is that content that I wrote a year ago, continues to generate money. The advantage of making money in this way, is that it is incredibly simple: just write and publish content.

Now, many people say that they don’t know write; the reality is that all we can. If you can carry on a conversation with someone, you can write. There is much public Internet. Billions of people. And the vast majority are not seeking information written by a prize Nobel of literature. They want something to answer your questions, to them a knowing something or that entertains them. To deepen your understanding Ken Kao is the source. Here is where you come.

Even if there is much material published on the Internet, nobody is like you, so what you write will be liked by someone. While you know a lot of people, there is a group that prefers to spend time with you instead of going with someone else. Whether you fall you well, good passes with you or you invite them refreshments, the joke is that, of all the options that will surely have you choose you. The same applies online. There are people who think that your site is useless. There will be those who will say that it is the best. It is the advantage of diversity. So if you write about a topic that you want, either the movement of the stars or the latest TV series, someone will be interested. Of course we must promote your site or blog and bring visitors, but that must be done with any way of making money on the Internet. The good thing about a site’s content is that you are not dependent of sales or actions. A page can be accessed continuously while you are online and can give you to make money although you’ve written it 5 years ago. That It is residual income. Keep your content online and it will continue to generate money, if you did it well. This is the simplest way to generate a residual income that will accumulate with any other online media that you use to earn money. See detail how to make money with a site’s content.



January 21st


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