Many people believe that absolutely no creativity. This false sense of how and distrust to himself, laid in childhood, when their own work do not receive proper recognition, and the child becomes accustomed to the idea that he has no talent. Over the years, the inner critic continues begun in childhood thing, and every attempt of creative imagination is suppressed by themselves at the outset. Another reason for the suppression of creative activity is in excess of the proposed shops and semi-finished products. Why do something with their hands, when all you can buy ready-made? However, even the most beautiful finished product is not a substitute for a fascinating experience process of making something with their own hands. In each of us laid a particular talent, and it must necessarily awaken and request. Awakening dormant activity will make your spiritual life more harmonious and will get rid of physical and mental illnesses. Only need to have the courage to trust yourself, try to experiment.

Age does not matter, important only willingness to overcome erected by himself obstacles and lifestyles. His thoughts move in his childhood, when you have not yet had the feeling that you are uncreative people. Experience the kind of mood, inner freedom, which brings with it a state. And start create – is free lepite, paint, make music, do something with their hands. The portal billboard in Poltava you are encouraged to enjoy their creative works. No matter that it did not work you so well as you would like. After all, this is not a perfect art, but about the joy of creativity. For starters, very useful to gather in groups of classes as a small circle of close-minded people get the same an atmosphere of joy, and everything's much better and more interesting.



June 2nd