Drone Ambient

However, most Dark Ambient album yet recorded by electronic effects. The term 'soundscape' (soundscape) is connected in the first place with Dark Ambient. Ideological Dark Ambient-musicians do not intervene in any political, moral or religious issues, their music is rather designed for the study of the universe. However, the imprint of the crises of industrial society on the whole often does the music a dark and joyless, but majestic. The most typical representatives: 'Lustmord', 'Deutsch Nepal', 'Raison d'Etre'. 8. Drone Ambient – this style is sometimes referred to as part of Dark Ambient, but it can be defined as self-sufficient.

Style originated from experiments German Group 'Maeror Tri', which had previously played guitar noise. In January 1993 one of its members Stefan Knappe created label Drone Records. Hence the name of the style. The label is still the basis of much of the Drone Ambient-projects. Drone Ambient music is enough original. It consists only of low-frequency buzz – drones, derived from the guitars, synthesizers and other instruments. Frequently used natural sounds, but their sound is also converted to drones. Computers sequencers are used very rarely, and usually, all the music is done 'by hand'.

Even for the recording used analog equipment. For example, 'Maeror Tri' guitar recorded their songs on the film, which in some cases, reproduced in the opposite direction, getting a very special sound. In 1996, the band broke up and now of 'Maeror Tri' no one person writes music under the name 'Troum'. As it says on their official website: 'Troum use music as a direct path to the unconscious, aiming at the archaic nature of the human soul.



November 27th


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