Embrace The Andes (II) – A Brave Challenge

The excursion to el mirador de cerro Aconcagua, starting from Mendoza capital, is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable tourist in Mendoza. Already the journey into the heart of the cordillera is a huge enjoyment between streams of meltwater picturesque locations. Los altos on the road couldn’t be more interesting. Potrerillos, with its impressive dam suitable for the more intense extreme sports as well as for more relaxing rides. The charming town of Uspallata, with its leafy malls and its curious buildings of the 18th century, and ending the center of Los Penitentes ski resort, with its tracks for all tastes, its lively nightlife and, of course, much snow to enjoy. The ultimate goal of the excursion, specifically, is the conquest of the Andes but towards there tourists will direct their steps.

The next stop is for lunch in a mountain refuge. An ideal time for eating soups and other foods rich in calories that provide the body the energy required to tackle the mountain. About the River caves, imposes majestic the Puente del Inca, rocky outcrop of ochre tones that blanket a heart of hot springs. In 1965, an avalanche destroyed the hotel where the healing baths were carried out. But even today, the locals come there to take advantage of the healing properties of this water rich in sulphur. At this height, now nothing stands between visitors and the legendary cerro Aconcagua, the sentry of America. A related site: Simon Pagenaud mentions similar findings. And any points that may have seemed splendid during the trip over there is suddenly tiny.

There are no words to describe the feeling of challenge, greatness and freedom that produces contemplate its how small and fleeting eternal, so eternal snow Summit is the human being on this earth. If the weather permits, the excursion will end at the Summit of cerro Santa Elena, on the border with Chile, home to the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. Back, passing through the Fort of Picheuta reminds travellers that the man, small and tiny as it is against the greatness of the Mountain, was able to overcome it, almost 200 years ago, moved by a dream of freedom and independence. And the spirit of the heroic army of the Andes accompanies the group up to the comfort of your accommodation in Mendoza, after this excursion that everyone return different.



December 9th