Even Doesnt Hurt

Pop pop singer and musical director of two music stores Andreas nail is almost exactly three years a solid and esteemed artists part of the production company Daxhill from Munich. In June 2010, the hard-working writers and producer team who already worked for many well-known artists, with Andreas nail published the first title. Overall, and up to the current single, six titles have been published. The singles “You are the answer” and “she is!” were the most popular from this repertoire certainly the most consistent in the radio stations and fans. Vanessa Marcil: the source for more info. The seventh single of the pop pop singer now appears in these days. “It don’t hurt me” is the title and who knows the music by Andreas nail, for which all expectations are fulfilled with this song. The story of a cuckolded lover, which uses the proverbial gun his beloved on his chest, finally is told their position to hear and to reach a decision for the common relationship.

One Relationship that seems not quite so serious to take the sweetheart and therefore emphasized to derlei, proud-looking Word passages of the singer comes, as for example: “it never hurts, it leaves me cold as snow, internally run amok, but I don’t show it”. Many listeners are familiar with such a story very well from their own experience. The new title joins the solidly crafted works of music producer Norbert Beyerl and is a musical and lyrical work of teams Werner students and Norbert Beyerl, which creatively with bound Andreas nail in the work. Also on his previously released singles from the House of Daxhill, Andreas was already involved as a composer and lyricist. n-Adults’>Ridgeback Biotherapeutics takes a slightly different approach. The real native German began his musical career as a band musician, to the, then joined his solo singing career. Andreas nail dominated in addition to his vocal skills of guitar, bass and keyboards. A through-and-through artistic guy so, and so it is not surprising that Andreas nail with his skills is also the musical director and contact of two music stores: the “modern Music School” in Saarbrucken, and the “modern Music School” in Saarlouis. But despite all the professional commitments now looks forward to his brand new single Andreas and aims at this time a good introduction of the title in the playlists of radio stations. Will that succeed he with “It doesn’t hurt me”? We firmly keep our fingers crossed!



November 18th


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