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You treat yourself and your dog the vacation you deserve for many dog owners the thought of a vacation away from home is connected first of all with the question: where should I put my dog? “.” Tourist hotels and long trips leave often for them as a holiday destination as an accommodation of their best friend is hardly possible. In the dogs of forest Karwe offers an excellent solution for this problem, again inspiring many dog lovers Plohn Heidi. On 400 square meters are the beloved four-legged friends in the dogs forest backache Hotel Karwe, about seventy kilometers north of Berlin, by dog expert Heidi Plohn pampered and spoiled. Hotel for dogs in the Woods serves up to 20 dogs individually and at the same time. A spacious single room with floor heating and a private garden for the personal delivery available is every dog.

Cozy dog beds offer welcome relaxation from everyday exciting holiday in the hotel. The learned dog nurse Heidi Plohn cares from the beginning of the stay on intensive to their four-legged guests, so that they lack nothing. Of course, the owners want to doing their dogs. This Plohn Heidi likes to work with full dedication, because she loves dogs, like their two Munsterlander Daka and Raika since early childhood. All dogs are welcome at the hotel, busy and supplies meet art. For water-loving dogs, the Lake is ideal for swimming, diving and swimming.

A large, fenced enclosures offers the opportunity, hydrophobic kind with each other without a leash to romp around wildly. The walks provide even more variety with dog mother”Heidi Plohn. The dense forest to the dog hotel is ideal for long walks. He guarantees exciting hours of our four-legged guests in natural surroundings and the necessary outlet. The professional employment of dogs is oriented to the biological and psychological needs of the dogs. So the team is Heidi Plohn, make sure that each holiday in the dogs Forest Hotel Karwe well uses the man’s best friend and encourages recreation and relaxation. With so much movement the diet may not to come short. An on-site kitchen provides dogs with meals that are prepared individually according to your needs and always fresh. So much service and dedication make unique dog Hotels Hotel Karwe the dogs forest.



January 21st


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