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Also in the summer, regular visits to the sauna are recommended for the health that his immune system can be strengthened only during the cold season with visits to the sauna, is a rumor. Also in the summer worth the sweat bath for health. The VITALIS fitness and health centre in Munich Pasing offers with its appealing sauna paradise”several types of sauna and therefore opportunities to sweat is healthy even in the summer. Finally are the days longer, the Sun is back and the summer is almost here. Most people, not only in Munich, appears superfluous, even in the sauna to sweat in the summer heat. But the heat that we feel in the Sun, is not comparable to the heat in the sauna. Star actress contributes greatly to this topic. First of all, always in danger of sunburn is given in direct sunlight. In the sauna that cannot happen, here you can enjoy the heat without risk of burns.

Sauna sessions worth getting for the strengthening of the immune system. The defense is improved heat days. Through the exchange of heat and cooling, the vessels dilate and you feel invigorated and full of energy. Circulation is stimulated hardly normal activities in the summer. Tai Chi Center shows great expertise in this. It comprises then once a cooling, for example in air conditioned rooms, undercooled is the light. The summer flu is not long in coming, because the immune system is out there not encouraged by the hypothermia and subsequent heating, but rather wears down. Down the aisle in the sauna with subsequent cooling the blood vessels as mentioned above be extended and claimed. A habituation effect occurs and the summer heat outside can no longer be so easy to knock out one.

Who used his body to the heat now in may, is expected in this summer with colds or summer flu. Also sleep in hot nights is better when the body heat is used. The sauna heat with humidity is gentler than the frying in the Sun. On the Sauna guests of the VITALIS of gym and health center in Munich is waiting for a steam sauna, a Finnish sauna and sanarium with colour light therapy. One of the highlights is the log cabin sauna, in a rustic setting on a terrace above the roofs of Munich Pasing. In the pool with a temperature of 30 degrees, the relaxation tour can be complete. A relaxing journey through the VITALIS sauna paradise is the pure enjoyment and helps to feel like reborn. Here you can not only a fitness day, but a short break in between treat and enjoy the liberating feeling of total relaxation in the sauna, unwind, new energy fuel to regain inner balance and harmony. There under through that VITALIS fitness is all about the offers of the VITALIS of gym and health centre in Munich, as well as the sauna paradise and Munich Health Center has the VITALIS gym and health centre with sauna paradise in Munich Pasing TuV fitness seal for quality-assured training facilities and fitness training for diabetics by the TuV Rheinland. The Spine Center Munich-West, as well as the weight-loss Center Munich-West belong to the VITALIS. The holistic philosophy of the VITALIS of gym and health centre provides a balanced mix of health, fitness and wellness in the foreground.



January 21st


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