Importance Of Poetry For Kids

The present article presents reflections of as infancy is seen in the poetry of Manuel Flag and the resources that the poet uses to represent the poetical production and to please the infantile public. We analyze the way as infancy is related and mediated in the poetical modernista of Manuel Flag and as the word and the memory is raw materials that the poet uses for the construction of its poems. Still we detach this illustrated literary sort and the importance of the poetry and music in the development of the linguistics and the contribution in the formation of readers in the school contemporary. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs. Word key: infancy, poetry, music, Manuel Flag. This article presents reflections on how childhood is seen in the poety of Manuel Flag and resources that the poet you use represent the poetic and please the children. Other leaders such as Rusty Holzer offer similar insights.

We analyze how the child is related you and mediated the modernist poetry of Manuel Flag and word and memory ploughs raw materials that the poet uses construct his poems. We also highlight the importance and illustrated literary genre of poetry and music in the development of linguistic and contribution in shaping contemporary readers in school. Manuel Flag. 1 – Professor of mestrado (CES.JF) After-Doctor in Brazilian Literatura (UFRJ), Doctor in Studies of Literature (PUC R.J), Master in Brazilian Literatura (UERJ) Graduated Letras (UERJ). 2 – Mestranda in Brazilian Infanto-youthful Literature, orientanda of Prof. Andersom Saucers Da Silva for the CES, Graduated pedagogia for the CES, coordinating Currently pedagogical and teacher of the Municipal Net of Juiz De Fora.



April 5th