International Baccalaureate

In order to begin training in England, any future student will make a great effort. Particularly difficult will be those who come to study from abroad, because besides the usual set of entrance tests they have undergo testing for English proficiency. However, training in England is worth it – here the best and oldest in Europe (and globally) schools offer almost unlimited opportunities for comprehensive education. One of the such schools – a Sevenoaks School (founded in 1432). Along with the rich traditions of this school is a great learning experience in England at the advanced level: there are already more than 30 years in high school used the program International Baccalaureate, a diploma which was adopted in universities all over the world, not only in the uk.

Also here we have introduced co-education of boys and girls of all ages (11-18 years) – a move which has not yet dared most of the old schools. Every year there are trained in England, students from several dozen countries, including those from Russia. The total number of foreign students is 10%, while in high school – 20%. Go to Sevenoaks School and begin training in England can be aged 11, 13 and 16 years. However, the decision on this should be taken in advance. To enroll your child at age 11, you must apply at least one year prior to admission. If you plan to begin training in England in the 13-year-old age, then the application should be sent within two years. Tests take place in several steps, including writing and exams, and interviews, and assessment of creative abilities (Sevenoaks School is known for its dramatic and musical circles). At the age of 16 learning in England begins to most foreigners, so the Sevenoaks School identifies specific dates for entrance examinations, which are foreign students. Applications should also be made in advance – For example, in 2010 stopped taking documents back in September, that is, the year before.



March 16th