Lake District

Lake District – one of the most popular destinations in Denmark – suitable especially for family holidays. Lake District is the largest island of Denmark and is home to more than 2 million inhabitants. Lake country is surrounded by coastal landscape and has miles of sandy beaches. The beaches are among the cleanest and kinderfreundlichsten in Europe. Nature on Lake country is beautiful and very diverse forests, bird reserves and chalk cliffs. On North Zealand, Denmark’s largest lakes and forests, as well as some of the most beautiful and most impressive old royal castles are located.

You can experience the impressive cliffs of Stevns Klint South Pacific country. Kattegat and Isefjord have the most varied landscapes. Here are the best beaches, distinctive moraine landscapes, the flat insulated a lamb fjord and forests. The island is now connected with both Funen and the neighbouring country of Sweden thanks to the bridge over the great belt and oresund. Also the islands of Mon, Lolland and Falster in less than 2 hours via fixed connections from Copenhagen to reach.

On all coasts and fjords and Lakes of the island you can find attractive holiday destinations. Of course, Copenhagen is a must for all Lake District holiday-makers. The unique flair of the metropolis is comprised of a mix of small colorful houses, urban atmosphere and pure Joie de vivre. Lakes region is rich in cultural and historical attractions and close to Copenhagen a beach holiday can be perfectly with experiences in the city link. Rent a holiday home in the Lake District means relaxation for the whole family. Often located in close proximity to the sea and equipped with a garden you have many open spaces. or emailing the administrator. The Zeeland in Denmark is an adventure paradise and paradise for children. In the BonBon-land, in the Sommerland Sjalland Lalandia you can roam for hours. Whether one comes in with the family in the House or decides for a holiday centre or a campsite: this action is announced throughout the day. Holiday homes in Lake country and the rest of Denmark can be booked via the e-domizil holiday house specialists.



December 28th


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