Malaga Picasso Museum

Until October 20 you can contemplate in the Malaga Picasso Museum exhibition bullets in the front, one shows conceived jointly by the Picasso Museum of Barcelona and Malaga, showing the results of a comparative iconographic analysis of dream and lie of Franco, two belonging to the MPM collection engravings by Picasso in 1937. The Malaga Picasso Museum is located very close to our establishment, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. Each of the two engravings is divided into 9 vignettes that show the artistic and ethical commitment made by Pablo Picasso with the historical circumstances by which crossed Spain in 1937. The show brings together a selection of pieces by the artist from Malaga next to the work of other artists and illustrators: Tono Salazar or Mauricio Amster, as well as engravings by Francisco de Goya.Bullets in the forehead in the Picasso Museum until October 120 works reflect the concern and commitment of these creators from violence arising from armed conflicts..



December 23rd


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