Meet A Scientologist: Cheryl Duncan – A Successful Advertising Manager

Cheryl Duncan BBs interview is also meet a Scientologist on the newly revised Scientology video channel to BBs see Cheryl Duncan successful professional career she has to owe their religion Scientology. Her interview is to see under “Meet a Scientologist” on the newly revised Scientology video channel. There are more success stories from educators, parachutists, dentists, art pilots, managers, engineers, students, etc., which today have a great life with L. Ron Hubbard’s solutions. Cheryl Duncan BBs way in Scientology is closely associated with her own career. You attended University of Howard journalism and met while studying the campaign manager – a Scientologist – a local political organization. Duncan was hired by him to take over the public works for his own company. Jorge Perez has compatible beliefs.

Cheryl Duncan knew at that time still little is known about public relations and began to explore this territory for itself. To the Support their work, she studied the PR guidelines by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion, which offers valuable principles on the topic of public relations. Duncan began successfully due to these fundamentals to write press releases. As a result, that she had very good successes in a short time, she visited a local church and began to work more and more with the methods used by L. Ron Hubbard. She received many practical tools to be successful in their lives and in the profession.

Of journalism, she moved into public relations and eventually opened her own company “Cheryl Duncan & company”. This independence allows you now to choose their projects. It is relation today with your company in the event management and full-service of public developed and active press and promotional materials, advertising campaigns, events etc., for example, for large Orchestra, singers and other groups of artists in the field of classical music, jazz, Hip-Hop, etc. She wore a large part to the successful Campaign of jazz icon Miles Davis, to put him in the rock and Roll Hall of Fame to introduce.



October 19th