Michael Jackson

Pit was working at a place called Videomaximo, many years in Cologne star establishment. They had almost no clients because the owner refused to change the VHS for DVDs. The old and torn posters were reluctant to fall by holding with his last breath. Pit he liked working there because he had almost no responsibilities, which allowed him to sit behind the counter and dig into his video game with a flexible schedule. He occasionally liked to put old movies on the Philips VCR that was under along with the TV in the corner of the room. Among his favourites was Happy Birthday to me, where was returning again and again the favorite scene of the skewer of meat across the head of an unsuspecting diner. Another who loved to see was the return of the living dead, movie where appeared from the more beyond all kinds of zombies, as a zombie punk or a zombie dancing to the Michael Jackson. Pit is known the dialogues from memory and without looking at the screen where a zombie takes the ambulance radio says to the unison send more backup.

One morning he found a video that had never seen. Strangely it raided the curiosity, introduced it in the VCR and pressed play. First heard a corny music, then for a couple of seconds the image of damaged tape, and suddenly heard the Wedding March, it seemed to be one wedding video either, Pit was upset in the confusion. Who would leave a wedding video instead of a VHS with the voracious stain or night of horror as it should be? I was about to put stop when he stopped in dry. The video appeared a monstrous bride with frayed veil and green skin, part of the brain squeezed him on the shoulder. You may kiss the bride, said the equally horrific priest.

The boyfriend flips to see the bride. The boyfriend was Pit. Pit is spooked, released its video game, looked at both sides, again looked toward the front and front his new wife. It was no longer in Videomaximo, nor knew as return, all zombies wedding approached, Pit ran, ran terrified knowing that sooner or later it would become a zombie also.



September 18th