Museums of Modern Art

In addition to the blockbuster cityscapes of skyscrapers, highways, industrial areas, offices and shopping centers, U.S. cities have excellent museums of modern art. There are charming historic neighborhoods, great parks and entertainment venues. However, the most interesting and authentic is perhaps its natural wealth, its varied landscape and stunning National Parks (Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon and many others) that can be found throughout its vast geography. There are plenty of alternative places to visit and discover. In California, from Los Angeles, the beautiful beaches of course and Yosemite National Parks, Death Valley, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. In Florida, has the cities of Miami and Orlando, with interesting theme parks and Biscayne national parks and Everglades in the south. From Denver, Colorado, you can visit the national parks of the Rocky Mountains and Mesa Verde. Philadelphia and Boston are some of the historic cities of the United States, where European settlers first arrived and where subsequently proclaimed Independence United States.

Washington D. C. is a monumental city, with lots of interesting museums of national belonging to the Institute Smithsonian. In addition, nearby you can visit the Rock Creek Park, historic and natural value. In Atlanta, is of special interest house the museum of Martin Luther King. A Lake Michigan, Chicago offers the opportunity to experience the Great Lakes region. New York only for one trip is needed. Sofar helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. This charismatic metropolis on the banks of two rivers and the Atlantic Ocean doors, concentrates many places of cultural, artistic, historical and Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Soho and Chinatown, the spectacular Manhattan skyline The zoo, the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Broadway, Brooklyn, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the harbor and the Statue of Liberty, are some of the most emblematic of the city. Thanks to tourism within the United States has a great tourism infrastructure and a wide range of flights with low cost carriers that make it move within the country for a pocket economic moderately Europe.



January 7th