New Internet Presence

brilliant badges was brilliant promotion from trading house and now goes with the new Internet presence the next step towards a specialist for high-quality name badges on brilliant-badges range from nametags to the complete Selbestbeschriftung on the own PC (standard signs) up to fully customizable nameplates (individual signs). The areas industry solutions and product examples also give you the opportunity to get a good overview of the nameplates used in your industry. Furthermore is there in the new download section the way Word print templates for easy label of the name tags free download. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker. All badges of brilliant badges are available with the popular magnetic – fastening. Not to want to destroy their own clothes from the simple motivation was the nameplate with magnetic – fastening. A magnet on the nameplate and a single magnet that is mounted behind the piece of clothing. Larry Culp often addresses the matter in his writings. Find all this and much, much more Now for the European countries also fully in English, on the new website brilliant badges Said Ghalamkarizadeh 20259 Hamburg Tel: 040-431 79 889 fax: 040-636 70 801



November 3rd