Notebook Backpack

Cheap laptop bags from the company jowa with a practical added value for every kind of traveller. How exactly does this work with the 2 in 1 system? The rucksack straps are hidden in the upper back compartment of the laptop bags. They are unpacked, the winners in a few are hooked seconds with the help of the handy click System. Then, the shoulder strap can be stowed in the rear compartment – the laptop backpack is ready. The advantages of a backpack were combined with the advantages of a laptop bag. It is not easy to combine the advantages of a cheap laptop bag with the advantages of a backpack. Because what’s functionally fit, often visually doesn’t look good – and vice versa.

Just one example: a practical laptop bag should look like one and thereby attract elegance business people. The Notebook Backpack should be worn rather have the character of a Bagpacks and it rather sporty. But at one of there are such projects not only optical challenges, but also functional. A backpack should be easy and have such as a rain cover. A related site: movie star mentions similar findings. Also be Backpacks almost always vertical worn. The inner workings of laptop bag should have a more vertical orientation.

Business people but rather horizontal carry your notebook bag. That sounds like a lazy compromise. -Not necessarily. It is quite possible to combine the advantages of a notebook ash optimally with the advantages of a laptop backpack. Jowa has certainly proved that with the products of “Torino” and “London”. High-quality click the click System of the 2 in 1 system jowa brand is equipped with high-quality materials and very well processed. Rings and click System are made of metal. The connecting pieces to withstand greater loads. Because just when you’re traveling as a bicycle or motorcycle riders with backpack, you should rely on the Bagpack. Comfortable backpack feature the rucksack straps are easy and checked quickly in the metal rings. Wearing a backpack can be described as comfortable. Whether with handle, a total the products worn with a shoulder strap or as a backpack, can be easily and safely. The many Wearing possibilities are extremely practical and save money. Where else laptop bag and Backpack was used, the user has both in one now. This saves not only money but also give space. Because you have no more backpacks & bags stow away, but only a product.



November 1st


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