Olivia Wilde

Equated with the comparison of "Avatar." There does not vertically, of course, Pandora homologous to the Planet. But here already created out of nothing. Not at all, I do not I wish to say that there is good or bad. I just want to say the opposite, as if it deserved as the minimum is not small hvalby than Cameron's service but his entire squad. A wardrobe! These glittering line on them. I guess not only in my home cinema later appeared insatiable desire to put this on yourself. Surprise conscious fights and trips to the huge kibermototsiklah, not sweeping behind him the prints still inspiring! Volatile battle! Umopomrachayuschee view. The movie was created by toy optical colors.

Even for this need to go and admire it in konozale viewing. Kinoaktersky train selected fine. By Jeff Bridges many questions and should not be. And what about the central role of the actor Garrett Hedlund was not sure as yet not seen him any movie. And he played at 100%! And it is interested! Olivia Wilde. Ah …

It is worthy of his review. But renouncing a few sentences, saying that she played well. Haircut, makeup and costume, this light look at her perfectly. There was impatience in the final kiss, but it did not and saw. Sorry … but would be a plus Hollywood cliche. Therefore live without him. Soundtrack. Daft Punk. Parisian craftsmen of electronic music. They were able to do just like music that is like no other possible approaches to the world "Throne". Worried, sympathize, worried … I gave them an Oscar, truthful word. I am writing a review, listening to songs and sight picture are single. Regarded separately in ten out of ten. Of course, all these things yet, and adds the effect of 3D. Improving the motion picture abyss, a great feature and bright paint colors. You can talk about the shortcomings and movies. But what is it? If the movie turned out so good! Shortfalls, lapses are common everywhere. Just sometimes perhaps we should not see them. Given that this was the final film in 2010, I want to say with firmness: "I am pleased that the initial decade ended on a high. He spent a dash among the high-tech films that today are gaining momentum, more and more. Eight out of ten. This does not mean little. This means excellent! Usually naivasshie estimates are movies with a slightly different semantic load. Thanks for the great motion picture! All the movies, who wants to get satisfaction from a truly good and beautiful film.



February 8th


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