Many people get on the path to find heaven on Earth. But where and how we discover it? Every man is his happiness Fortune \”, we are told. If so, every blacksmith of his fate is, as man for his thoughts and feelings is responsible. Unfortunately, there are many people of think life on our planet have nothing to do with God, but was merely the product of a happy coincidence. But can he not happy living in the long term without knowing where the man comes, what he is and where his personality will go once, and comes in a life crisis sooner or later. Charlotte Hornets shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In her second book, the author of Dagmar Haid based on the fable of good nose, a strong-willed lucky mouse, humorously describes a study trip to find love for themselves and others, as well as the truth of life. She encounters her way of life always on limits, strife, laws and regulations, as well as many unhappy, lonely and sick people. But the lucky mouse won’t get this divert from their way, because she learned early to listen to their inner voice and courage to accept the challenges of life.

While she always felt an inner longing, never to give up until she her all-encompassing truth, found that universal love for all living the free ticket to paradise! By self and knowledge of God all people can find deep in peace and happiness, if earlier the internal balance between intellect and emotion has been harmonised. Therefore artificial nose would make people courage, you can find step by step to their inner freedom by recognizing, where they block themselves through beliefs, perceptions and behavior mechanisms in everyday life and is therefore stand in the way. The book gives a great overview on many important realization steps that traverse all people, regardless of their religion and culture here.



November 1st


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