Partial Macrocomparacion

Kind of comparison. – 8. Area of knowledge. – 9. Structure of both codes. – 10. Background of both codes. – 11. Comparison of the preliminary title. – 12. Sources of law. – 13. Legal persons. – 14. Real rights. – 15. Society. – 16. Asset classes. – 17. Private international law. – 18. Classes will. – 19. Matrimonial property regimes. – 20. Registration law. – 21. Civil liability. – 22. Rating 1 registrar of court documents. BACKGROUND Doctrine When conducting research is necessary to place the background research work, no need to repeat unnecessary efforts and to expand the horizons of research. This research work has no precedent, so if there are comparisons between the 1889 Spanish Civil Code and the German Civil Code 1900. In this sense the comparison is properly a macrocomparacion becomes a difficult or hard. 2. O SCIENTIFIC METHOD Some authors comparative law is a simple method of inquiry to other authors is a science, comparative law for us is a science that is little studied by different writers. However, we are obliged to record that for some lawyers the law is not a science but a discipline which is necessary to mention for a better understanding of the subject studied. 3. METHOD Investigation “N applied to investigate is necessary to take account of research methods, so that our research will be carried out using the more technical procedures.



January 22nd