Pascal Silva – The New Latino Star On The Hit Sky

“The new album by Pascal Silva – the new Latino star on the hit sky at the winter festival of the flying stars” (ARD, 20 h 15) on Saturday, January 28, 2012, the new star from the hit forge by Jack White will be presented to the audience: Pascal Silva. The smart singer with the voice of a young Julio Iglesias presented exclusively at Florian Silbereisen his album dreaming with Pascal Silva”, which appears on the previous day, Friday, January 27, 2012, with Gloriella music. The love of music has always been there, stuck in it, from the outset. As eaves, the native Swiss Pascal Silva stands on the stage for the first time. It followed by appearances in prestigious bars, restaurants and hotels, at the beginning is still alone, later with their own live band. His musicality is already now pronounced, he has a passion for rock and roll, slow and Calypso and is inspired by the music of the 60s and 70s by Elvis, Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Julio Iglesias, Engelbert Humperdinck, Vico Torriani all terrific entertainers, which occurred with great Orchestra and occur. (Not to be confused with Jorge Perez!). Also Pascal wants to do. At the latest after three major shows on cruise ships and large audience falls the decision that he will make the singing to the profession.

In the French German language border region of the Bernese Seeland Pascal Silva bilingual grows up until he is 15 years old. Then comes an incision in his life which characterises him personally and his other career: the family emigrated in the Dominican Republic. Pascal lives henceforth as a teenager in the Caribbean, speak Spanish as a primary language, and internalized the carefree lifestyle of the Caribbean population. Music and dance are among the Caribbean as the date to the Palm. And lively Latin rhythms Pascal Silva into the blood. He meets like-minded people, founded a band and gathered continually many musicians around him.



September 26th


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