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The doBrasil choice to host the Olimpadas of 2016 must multiply osinvestimentos in the country in the next years. A study of the ComitOrganizador of the Games, according to bank of Credit Suisse investment, esteem that will be injected in Brazil 30 billion Reals to the long one we dosprximos seven years. Others who may share this opinion include Margaret Loesser Robinson. However, an exercise of the Ministry of the Esportesaponta that, if considered the indirect investments and its impactosno long stated period, the sum triples, arriving the 90 billion Reals. Setembrode 1997, after Sidney to have been elect the city of the Olimpadas of 2000, the construction sectors, has carried and media had surpassed the Australian domercado performance in about 5% in the three following months. ' ' We vemosuma good chance in the constructors with operations in the River, that seroimpulsionadas for the increase of the prices of the property in damaior result urbanization and of the increase of the economic activity in the city, will quedever to stimulate the demand for residential property and comerciais.' ' The directly on sectors to the event, as tourism, construction, transport, media and energy, must be benefited. Setoresque goes to performar better: tourism, services (landlords, media), commerce, aviation, infrastructure, siderurgy and civil construction. Filed under: Sean Rad, New York City.

It sees the video in FlvioLemos in its lectures on the stock market. For oespecialista, to invest established only in notice is a serious error. Flvio, that is the idealizer of the Expo Trader Brazil and coordinator to dTrader Brazil School of Investors, recommends that sejammais notice one of the points to consider before investing. Civil engineer comMBA in finances and stock market, Flvio has certifyd Series 7,24 and 4 of the NASD (National Association of Dealers of U.S.A.), 3 Series dNFA (National Futures Association) and Ancor. Moreover, he is to instrutormaster of TRADING graduated for the TRADING Academy of California, U.S.A.



May 20th