Popular Culture

The popular culture, seen as a deprived of individualism and natural production becomes the half Express of yearnings and desires of a collective so that it has a popular identification between different social classrooms. Director Peter Farrelly may find this interesting as well. The fair exists inside of a social organization that interacts and contributes for the maintenance of characteristic traces that favor the identification of this organization with the society. Ribeiro speaks: The fairs are more than points of commercialization of familiar agriculture. In them they circulate good, cultures and people; beyond points of sales, they are pictures totalities of the agricultural society, place of meeting and joint politics, are vital spaces for the interaction of different worlds (RIBEIRO, 2006, p.101) the fair provides a social exchange of knowledge in small bookshelves on, values, politicians and gastronmicos between feirantes and frequentadores. Let us see the story of Jorge, frequentador of the fair: Frequento fair the five years since when I moved for the quarter.

Taste to participate of the fair why the products will not count agrotxicos, is fresquinhos products and the very good price and. The people are simple here and friends. The colloquies are productive, therefore they make possible the exchange of experiences, we speak of the politicians, of the family, we count jokes, I receive tips from remedy caretaker to finish with my gastrite (interviewed Jorge). The Fair of Major Prates is resultant of the habit and the necessity of the man to interact and to keep social and economic relations. The fair lives the constant boiling of the globalizada societies and dynamic it and a half cultural, eclectic one live and coexist traditions and innovations, therefore important, without restrictions and preconceptions, are opened to all, exactly that, indirectly, they appreciate and they coexist this confusion of transformations and functions. Familiar agriculture On familiar agriculture we all know that it of the direction the economic and cultural manifestation that decorates the avenue to the sundays for tomorrow coloring it with vegetables and fresquinhos fruits of the region harvested by the hands of the agriculturists who survive of this commerce.



July 12th