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Panel under the brand avc to meet all the strictest requirements of both the image quality and design. In These panels apply the matrix produced by sony with a resolution of 400 tv lines. Using videopanelyah jvcom cheaper cameras resolution 350 or 380 tvl possible to obtain cost-effective calling panel, allowing displayed on the monitor image quality required Odnoabonentskie calling panel Most Popular overhead model under the brand avc – AVC-305, AVC-311, AVC-355, AVC-360 designed for connection to a single video phone for the four wires. Food performed on a video monitor. In general, these models differ only in design. The same family owns Flush videopanel AVC-325, with similar characteristics. Model AVC-315 apply if the visitor does not must know that he was being watched. In this case it is installed in a hidden place away from the door and connected to an electric button.

Visitor by pressing the button activates the calling device, and video monitor at a picture of what the visitor has no idea. There are versions for both horizontal and vertical mounting, in addition you can adjust the angle of the panel for easier review. In Series jvcom presented models that retain the look of previous models Series avc – VPM-02 / VPD-02, VPM-05 / VPD-2005, VPM-04/VPD-04, VPM-08/VDP-08 multi-site calling panel multi-site calling panel are only models of the series avc. Mortice analog model AVC-422, AVC-424 are designed for organizations entryphone> 4 the subscriber and connects with each video monitor with 4 wires. Power is supplied by the monitor. Built-in relay allows you to connect or electromechanical electromagnetic lock that eliminates the need to run a separate cable from the monitor to the castle. When a call comes in to any of the subscribers, the conversation can only lead it for the rest of the video off. Any user can see what is behind the door. Dashboards AVC-424D and AVC-428D can connect up to 8 different user devices, both audio and video over a common two-wire line, which significantly reduces the complexity of installation. Have a mortise design, powered from the monitor. Connect each subscriber's display device is produced through special switches to connect Commax video monitors required switch AVC-401 / C.



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