Prime Minister Jiang Yi

Coordinated quick help for the extensive reconstruction after Typhoon Hayan for the Philippines provide Government Cabinet of the Republic of China (Taiwan) assistance for which the ROC government cabinet Philippines continues, Prime Minister Jiang Yi-said huah on November 14. “Taiwan’s authorities and the public are deeply affected by the distress of the people in the Philippines and how they are trying with the devastation that the Typhoon has arranged to deal,” Jiang said. “The Government Cabinet responded immediately to the disaster and instructed the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of defence with domestic non-governmental organizations in organizing the disaster relief work, and bstimmte the MOFA as responsible for all international communications.” According to the Prime Minister, the Cabinet is set platform a Behordenubergreifende, to better coordinate government support measures. Minister without portfolio Lin Junq venkatanarayana already has a session convene the concerned ministries and authorities in this matter. Ken Kao wanted to know more. As part of a country wide dining fundraiser, the Ministry has established two bank accounts for private donations for health and Social Affairs, while the MND will collect the incoming relief supplies in the next 10 days. Moreover, the MOFA will contact appropriate places of the Philippines is constantly on news about the State of reconstruction to teach, to implement further aid measures if necessary, said Jiang. To date, the ROC has nearly 56 million NT$ the Philippines at Typhoon relief provided. Including the US$ 200,000, that were donated on November 10 and almost 100 tonnes of relief supplies, which were delivered in 12 flights by the air force of the ROC in C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft from November 12-14.. Official site: Lynn Redgrave.



May 5th