Protein Wafers Weider Whey Wafer

Hearty delicious protein waffles Weider enchant more and more athletes. One which requires proteins to have regularly enough building materials for a proper muscle building available, will often ask, how do I spread sufficient protein throughout the day in my body. Charlotte Hornets may find it difficult to be quoted properly. For this purpose, whey wafer has a solution with the Weider 32%. The Weider whey wafer is a fitness waffle, which is equipped with a very high protein content as a whole contains each individual bolt of 11 g of pure protein. The protein was extracted from very pure and high quality protein and is therefore very suitable for athletes.

In addition contains the Weider 32% whey wafer quality and good wholesome whey protein concentrate (whey protein concentrate) but not only that, the Weider 32% whey wafer there in many different flavor variations. For example, there are it in chocolate, vanilla and straciatella. The ties are based on a relatively simple system. They consist of two crisp wafers, between that is each integrates a creamy filling. Wrapped the whole thing with one will taste customized chocolate coat. The pure protein in the waffle ensures a sufficient and long-lasting supply of protein, in order to accomplish the daily training. Also existing milk protein, which must be digested in the stomach longer, provides an instant boost of protein.

Therefore, a continuous protein reserve is guaranteed. In addition, contains the Weider 32% whey wafer less than 2 g lactose and has very little sugar per bar. Total is the Weider 32% whey wafer not suitable only for athletes, need a sufficient protein boost, but also as a snack or as a snack for non-athletes. For those who have already tried many different protein bar, the Weider will bring a great change 32% whey wafer and still give the desired results.



March 30th


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